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What to expect

Be the missing piece to someones puzzle. Join a group of ambitious people who want to help our younger community members succeed.

Personal Growth

Develop and practice communication and supervisory skills.


Grow your network of ambitious and like minded individuals.


See the impact your efforts are making in the community first hand.


Participate in events and volunteer activities around the area.

There are many 501c3 nonprofit organizations in America, but Motivated King is second to none. I have had the great honor of being a guest at their events, and I have seen first hand the impact the organization has on our youth. To see how engaged and happy those kids were I knew I was apart of something great. Mr. Barber, keep changing lives and making our communities better.

Dajuan Morgan
NFL Alum | Business Owner (Gryppers) | Minister

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Every week an incredible group of volunteers bring their gifts, talents, and time to help make Motivated King a proud community of leaders. Our teams welcome all contributions and skill levels across our various departments. Becoming a mentor is a great way to get involved in the community and meet new, wonderful people! There are so many areas to get involved in, click below to find out more about our teams.

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If you have completed our Kings Mold Kings program or interested in getting involved, please sign up below for our next Mentor Training session!

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